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Welcome to my livejournal
An awful lot has happened since I started my Livejournal as a means of catharsis for my depression back in aught four... I've moved from British Columbia, to the Yukon, to Alberta. I've loved and lost and loved again, and finally met the man I was looking for in the Yukon and married him in the spring of 2012. We are expecting our first son this January!

I seem to be in a constant state of evolution, which I enjoy though each time I seem to shed friends. Now living nowhere near my friends or family, I have the perspective to appreciate which I need and which I don't. Ridding oneself of poisonous personalities is important.

I am interested in the body modification community, with tattoos and piercings myself. I considered an apprenticeship as a piercer, but moved on to better paying things. I then considered a career as a plumber, and in fact scored top of my class in a pre-employment program that challenged the first year apprentice exam, but again, I moved on to other things (though they're not that good paywise).

I am interested in sewing; while not overly good (I won't be making my own clothes anytime soon) I do make little toys for infants and toddlers. I'm also learning to crochet.

I also enjoy gardening, and am glad to finally be living in a place with a yard rather than an apartment. Annual flowerbeds and potted arrangements are my specialty, though I'd love to grow some of my own food one day.

While not gourmet, my cooking is pretty decent. Living with somebody who is lactose intolerant has opened up my borders in the kitchen, where before I was a goddess with cheese, I can now do lots of other flavours as well. Hehe.

I worked at a pet store for six years in my early twenties, and am working at one again now; a collection of reptiles has followed me wherever I go. See below for the current pet-roster.

What else should you know about me? I consider myself to be an agnostic atheist, though I still follow the goings-on of my previous path, Asatru, and have friends of various christian denomonations. I also go through phases, so perhaps one season I'll be heavily into working out, another I'll be into MMOs, or perhaps I'll delve into writing again some day (this hasn't happened in years, no worries).

I'm pretty friendly. And very polite. Just a realist, a scientific skeptic, and very blunt. .

Current Pets:
Leopard Geckos:
Darius (male pattenless) and Schellia (female albino), Cenk (female high yellow)

African Fat Tailed Gecko: Ashitaka (wild caught male white-line morph)

Ball python: Gaius, regular colour but carries the orange ghost gene. He's also currently at large, having escaped his tank.

Betta fish: Neil, a copper veil betta.

Cat: Penny, a tailless tortie rescue kitty born in January 2012.


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