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Oct. 8th, 2013 @ 11:35 am Abominable snowman slippers!
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I made some abominable snowman slippers for my baby! I edited the pattern slightly; I found that the opening was too small after finishing the white part of the foot so I did the last two rows with a hook two sizes larger and omitted the slip stitch around the top of it. There was also supposed to be a reinforcement layer inside the foot which I left out as it made the slipper snug and harder to put on. Here's the finished product:
and the model...Collapse )
The pattern:

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Apr. 6th, 2013 @ 09:13 am Baby Body
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Well, during my pregnancy I gained 40 pounds. I've lost only ten, and that was in the first week. Seven of it was the baby himself. It's pretty sad; I was told that breastfeeding makes it easy to lose weight but it doesn't appear to be so. I wasn't able to work out until 7 weeks as I was still having post partum bleeding, but now at 10 weeks my weight is still not budging despite doing some ass-kicking workouts. I'm still wearing the maternity pants. FML.

I've decided to start tracking calories. I hate doing that as it reminds me of my eating disordered days and I don't want to fall into that trap, especially while I'm nourishing my son. But I have to do something.

My goal is to get back into my regular pants by the time I visit my family at the end of June. I don't expect to lose 30lb that fast, but if I can just get into the old jeans I'll be content.

Here goes.
Apr. 3rd, 2013 @ 01:53 pm So, it's April...
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I don't update this nearly enough. Back in the day, I'd be on here updating a couple times a day, now it's every week or month. Anyways, things are good. Atticus is such an agreeable baby, though I'm lucky if I get him to sleep for four hours at a time at night. Still, he's smiley and happy. He's a smallish kid, slightly under the 50th percentile as he was 10lb 14oz at two months. He's healthy though. He got his first round of vaccines two weeks ago and other than make him a little fussy and tired for a day, he handled it like a champ.

I'm doing well myself; I've started doing workouts with weights and calisthenics. I lost about 10lb the week of the delivery, but haven't lost any weight since then. They say breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day, but I'm always hungry (and bored, bad combination). I definitely need to eat healthier. I could get away with it when I was pregnant; not any more. The workouts should help. Once it's nicer outside I plan to go for walks but it's only been warm enough once, on easter sunday.

A friend of mine back in BC is having a baby girl at the end of May. Traditionally when a friend has a baby, I sew them a little plush sword (or in one instance a battle hammer). For this girl, I want to make a plush replica of Arwen's sword from LOTR, complete with embroidered designs on the blade. I'll post photos when its done; could take a while since I'm going to hand stitch it this time (can't be bothered to set up the sewing machine, and there's no room anyways).

Not much else is happening. My days consist of caring for Atticus, and when he's asleep I do a workout, and sit at my computer. I should be doing housework or something but I'm kinda lonely so facebook, LJ, and G+ are my ways to connect with the outside world. I then make sure supper is ready when James comes home, then we go to bed. It's kinda boring but the little guy is worth it.

That's all for now. Hope everybody is well (those few of you who still use LJ).
Mar. 5th, 2013 @ 02:45 pm Life as we know it
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 photo atticustummysmile5weeks_zpsd74a08ed.jpg

This was taken last week at 5 weeks. He'll be 6 weeks tomorrow; I can't believe how fast the time goes. I'm slowly catching up on my sleep; the little critter had a cold over the weekend and was up every hour and a half but he's back to sleeping 2-3 hours again. I barely get out of the house, though; it's freezing cold (duh; it's Alberta) and even on days when it's above zero it's too slippery out there to want to go for a walk. I get out on Saturdays when we all go to walmart for groceries, and that's about it. Yay, lol. I don't mind it though. I spend the non-baby time reading and interneting. I could be watching TV but there aren't that many shows I'm interested in.

Anyways, he's doing well. So am I; I still have to lose 30lb of pregnancy weight, but every stranger who sees Atticus says I look good for being only a few weeks post partum. I'm still just wearing yoga pants and stuff, but once I get the okay from my doctor to get back into regular exercises I'm going to really work on my fitness (to the extent breastfeeding allows).

The cat is also doing well. She really wants to go outside but her belly hair has barely started to regrow from her operation. She tolerates the baby well enough so it isn't an issue but I know she'd like to be out and about.

James just started a new job, doing industrial electrical work at a local glycol plant. He will usually be working 4 days a week, 10 hour days, which is great since he'll have fridays off to spend with Atticus. As well, he is officially a 3rd year electrician now and with his new wage we can pay off all our debt by the end of summer (unless more household costs crop up; last year with the roof and furnace was expensive).

All in all things are going well. But... the babe awakes. Off to be mom.
Feb. 11th, 2013 @ 04:19 pm He's here!
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 photo jenatticus10days_zps5305fe4a.jpg

 photo atticussmile17days_zps0e5249a3.jpg

Born jan. 23 weighing 7lb 2oz. I'll post more when I'm not holding a baby in one arm!
Jan. 21st, 2013 @ 12:41 pm Pennycat's out of surgery.
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Well an update on my cat, Penny. After we brought her home she just sat on her mat all night, wheezing slightly. James and I feared the worst. I took her to a vet clinic this morning and it just so happened that the vet who saw her yesterday works at this clinic as well. The price for the surgery was significantly less since it wasn't off hours/emergency: I was given a quote for $827 plus a discounted rate of $55 on xrays since she'd had some yesterday, plus the vet didn't charge extra for another office visit as she saw her yesterday. This was a much easier price to swallow and I signed for the vet to go ahead.

I just got a call back from the vet that they'd done the exploratory surgery and didn't find any more string. What they did find when they intubated her was a sewing needle lodged in her throat! Holy crap. Last time I used a needle was putting the button on the Jayne diaper cover; she must have gotten up into an area I thought she couldn't. Since they'd only done abdominal x-rays they never knew the needle was there!

The vet now thinks that the signs of last week's upper respiratory infection were actually due to having this needle in her. As well her abdominal x-rays showed gas/distension which the vet thought meant there was more string in there, but she now suspects Penny was simply swallowing air (again, due to the needle). I asked the vet why she seemed to be recovering (from the URI) on Friday and Saturday and she thinks it just had to do with where the needle was lodging itself, and told me of a cat who swallowed a needle last fall who had come-and-go symptoms.

Anyways, she should be coming home tomorrow assuming she starts to eat at the vets office.
Jan. 20th, 2013 @ 01:43 pm The Pennycat
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What a shitty day. This morning the cat randomly hacked up some bloody saliva. I didn't think too much of it since she'd had an upper respiratory infection last week and coughing up snot was par for the course. But then she threw up more, and it had some string in it. I tried to pull the string out of her mouth but met resistance, and she flipped out and clawed me. James tried the same a few minutes later and she freaked again. So, we took her to the emergency animal clinic.

A couple of x-rays later and it looks like she has a string obstruction in her intestine. Of course string itself doesn't show up on x-ray but there's signs of it. We can't afford an exploratory surgery, so all we can do is keep her comfortable today and hope for the (very slim chance of) recovery. If she doesn't pass this on her own, I'll have to take her to a vet again tomorrow and... I don't know. It's looking like euthanasia is the only option. I could go into labour at any time; this is NOT a good time for trying to scrape together extra money in the hopes of *maybe* saving our cat.

To make the day even more awesome, she bit me quite deeply at the vet's office while I restrained her, and I had to go get antibiotics on the way home.

Jan. 9th, 2013 @ 10:28 am A baby crawls down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything.
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I am just learning crochet, and a couple months ago made a blanket, hat, and shoes for a friend's little girl. I just finished making this for my little boy who's due in a couple of weeks! A "real" Jayne Cobb hat would have three colours but I only had two, and then I thought a matching diaper cover would make for some super cute photos. I think the hat is bigger than the newborn size listed on the pattern, and I made a couple mistakes, but overall I think it'll do!
Jayne Outfit Newborn

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Dec. 26th, 2012 @ 05:08 pm Merry Merry
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I am officially off work! Baby is one month away (due January 26th). Woohoo!

Since we have no family around here, James and I did a pretty laid back christmas thing. We each picked out gifts for ourselves (since all money is shared anyways). He got a concert DVD and stuff; I got a keurig coffee machine. We didn't even wrap them to put under the tree; no need.

I had planned to make a turkey dinner for us yesterday but the power went out four fracking times. We decided to have the turkey dinner today but a water main outside the park broke, and we have no water. From the amount of water freezing in the streets everybody's water lines drained. I'm not sure what I'll do when I have to use the washroom; we were out all day until 3:30 so it hadn't come up yet... but it does mean I can't properly prep the turkey so it's going to wait yet another day.

We went to Denny's this morning for breakfast, then went to see The Hobbit. We also checked out a few stores for boxing day sales on baby stuff, but nothing was on for a really good sale.

Anyways, it's a rather boring day with no water.
Sep. 1st, 2012 @ 05:00 pm Well, it's September; guess summer's gone.
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I can't believe it's already September first. How did that happen? Heh. It's been a busy summer; I work full time, and then every weekend is spent renovating the house. Mostly, it's minor stuff; Every room except the master bedroom and guest bedroom has been repainted, and we're not going to bother with those two for a while. The kitchen, was completely redone, down to getting rid of the crappy appliances we had and getting new ones (Leon's had a killer sale). The addition is now repainted; it was the one room which didn't look like it had ever been touched by the previous owners. Every other room was painted sometime in the last few years but the addition had the original late 70s paneling... well, now it's done.

James has been a wonderful electrician and replaced all the outlets, switches, and covers, as well as all the light fixtures, in the whole house (except the kitchen which was fine). The roof is redone. The only eyesore is now the bathroom; it's got a new floor and wallpaper (remind me to NEVER TRY TO HANG WALLPAPER AGAIN) and toilet, but the tub and vanity top/sinks are still crappy yellowish gelcoat fiberglass and at some point next year we'll fix that, too.

The nursery is just awaiting a crib, and a baby. Yay!

But I'm pretty tired... I just want it all to be done. Thank goodness for the long weekend.

I hope everybody out there is well :)